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To find your way around PaxFlow is easy when you know where everything is located.

The navigation bar on the left side has entries with arrows which unfold more options and entries without arrows which do open some pages directly. Depending on a users role might they not see all the options described below.

Unfolding Bookings gives access to Passengers, Mailing, Create booking, Booking filters, Booking Reports and Booking Checks.

Departures opens the departure settings where you can see all departures synced to PaxFlow and create departure groups.

The Operations drop-down includes the modules Shifts & Availabilities, Assign Passengers, Resource Manager and the Map.

Documents has your Handbook with your internal files and Phone book for all of your staff.

In Reports you can check the Company Report for the past month, Booking reports, PaxPortal usage, Pax report and Work report.

Selecting Integrations opens the page with all integrations available for PaxFlow and gives access to the settings of the ones you are already using.

The Automations section covers the setup and configuration of different types of Automations in the system.

Below the APPLICATION text you can access your Enroute Application, your PaxPortal and your Dashboards.

On the top of your screen you will find additional features.

The Search gives results on bookings but also on settings in PaxFlow such as vehicles, employees or departures.

With the Gear Icon access to General, User, Departures, Resource Mananger, PaxPortal, Templates, Timing, Map and Display.

In the Username drop-down menu you will see links to My prefereces, About Paxflow, Manage Subscription and last but not least the Logout button.

In case you would like to know how we use data or are interested in how PaxFlow was created in the first place then you can go to About PaxFlow in the Username drop-down menu.

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