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This section is used to manage departures and departure groups.

PaxFlow is designed around tour departures. They are either independently used in PaxFlow or used as departure groups. Tour assignments and shifts are always connected to a tour departure whereas pickup and drop-off assistance assignments and shifts can be connected to either tour departures or departure groups. Availability management is only done for a tour departure.

Departures refer to the beginning of a tour. Departure information such as the tour departure length is imported into PaxFlow from the backend booking system. This information is then used to set up shifts for the employees and manage fleet accordingly. Find more information on Tour Departure Settings here.

Departure Groups are logical groups made up of different departures or tours. Departure groups are generally used as filters in the PaxFlow admin UI to display specific information on a page. Please note that departures are imported from the third party booking systems whereas departure groups are specific to PaxFlow. Find more information on Departure Groups here.

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