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Managing resources with PaxFlow
Managing resources with PaxFlow
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PaxFlow has a focus on resource management. The combined information from your human resources management system, the Resource Manager and your bookings enables you to take the right decisions.

Per departure resources

A key factor in good planning is to have a live overview of your seat occupation in each single departure of your activities. This information is displayed at several places throughout PaxFlow such as the Resource Manager, on Dashboards and in Availabilities.

Tours can have different departure time slots. Each departure needs at least 3 resource types to operate:

  • Passengers

  • Mode of transport

  • A person who navigates the mode of transport with the passengers to attractions

For the duration of the time slot are these resources blocked and cannot be used for other activities at the same time. The time slots are calculated by adding the duration of all departure phases to the start time of a departure which is defined in activity settings.

There are different roles of enroute employees, but the terms are customizable to a certain degree within PaxFlow.

  • A "Vehicle" is the mode of transport

  • The "Driver" navigates visitors to attractions using a certain type of "Vehicle"

  • The "Guide" provides information about the attractions to the visitors

  • A "Driver guide" combines the ability of navigation a certain type of "Vehicle" and providing information to visitors at the same time

To operate certain types of "Vehicles" might "Drivers" and "Driver guides" be required to have a certain permit.

Pickup and drop-off

Per default are the assigned tour vehicles also participating in pickup and drop-off of a departure. If additional vehicles are participating in pickup and drop-off "Drivers" and "Driver guides" can be scheduled for pickup or drop-off assistance.

All regarding the mode of transport is specified in Fleet.

All regarding human resources is specified in your shift integration:

Attendance resources

This resource type is not connected to a departure but has mostly reoccurring time frames everyday. This is in our understanding the case for offices, garages or guides which are not scheduled on departures.

Customer operations converge in the office(s). To make employees aware of and create short ways to contact the office can you set up different office locations.

This kind of resources can only be made visible in PaxFlow when using an external shift integration.

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