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Sling is an employee shift scheduling system which can be integrated easily with the PaxFlow application. Once integrated, the employee shift schedules created in Sling are automatically shown in PaxFlow. At the same time, any new shifts created using PaxFlow are also seen in the Sling.

Supported features:

  • Manage departure shifts (create, delete, assign)

  • Read and create Pickup and drop-off assistance shifts

  • Read office and field shifts from Sling

  • In Resource Manager only available staff members are displayed in drop-down menus

  • Additional Dashboards can be created for field shifts, office shifts and unassigned shifts

  • The Enroute application displays the next shifts for a logged in user in 'My week' and who is currently working in the office


  • Free Sling subscription

How to set up Sling to use it with PaxFlow

Create 'Locations' for pickup assistance, drop-off assistance, each departure, each office area and each field area.

Create 'Positions' for the three main roles Driver, Driverguide, Guide. Any additional Positions which are not mapped to these roles will be recognized as "other".

Create 'Groups' in case you want to filter who is permitted to be assigned as Driver or Driverguide for certain vehicle types.

To do the initial setup, go to the Integrations section in PaxFlow Settings and select Sling.

Connection Details

API Key - This is required for authentication when using APIs to access the data. In case you are not able to find your Sling API key please reach out to Sling support.


  • The drop-down for roles will include all 'Positions' from Sling.

  • The drop-down for pickup, drop-off, departures, any field and office area will include all 'Locations' from Sling.

  • The "Who is permitted to operate vehicles of this type?" drop-down will include all 'Groups' from Sling.

  • Mapping for departures is done in the departure settings


  • The main positions can also be overwritten with other titles (used for certain types of vehicles) for example, Pilot, Captain etc.

  • Any position which is not mapped to one of the three main positions will appear in the other category

  • Field areas can have different names within PaxFlow from what the mapped 'Location' is called in Sling

Multiple Office setup

This section is used to configure office locations for display in PaxFlow. For each location, enter the following fields.

Office Location (Area)

The location reference used in Sling

Title in PaxFlow

Title to be used for the location in PaxFlow

Type of the office

There can be two types of offices - main office or other office. Only one office location can be marked as main office.

Other office: is colored?

If the office location is to be shown in a specific color

Other office: color

The color to be used to indicate the location, if it is to be colored

On a Dashboard office shifts would be displayed like this:


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