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Planday is an employee shift scheduling system which can be integrated easily with the PaxFlow application. Once integrated, the employee shift schedules created in Planday are automatically shown in PaxFlow.

  • Read shifts from Planday

  • Only scheduled staff members are displayed in Shifts & Availabilities under All locations

  • Additional Dashboards can be created for field shifts, office shifts and unassigned shifts


How to set up Planday to use it with PaxFlow

In Planday roles are to be set up as 'Departments', areas are represented by 'Employee Groups' and permits are defined by 'XYZ'.

This means each departure needs to be set up as 'Employee Group' as well as one for both pickup and drop-off. Field areas and office areas are also be set up as 'Employee Group' in Planday. It´s needed to set up one 'Department' for "Driver", one for "Driver guide" and one for "Guide". Any additional 'Department' will then fall into the function "other" in PaxFlow.

The drop-down for roles will include all 'Departments' from Planday, the drop-down for pickup, drop-off, departures, any field and office area will include all 'Employee Groups' from Planday. The "Who may be the driver?" drop-down will include all 'XYZ' from Planday.


PaxFlow distinguishes between three main positions which need to be mapped to different departments in Planday. Any department which is not mapped to one of the three main positions will appear in the other category.

  • Driver

  • Guide

  • Driver guide

  • Other

Employee groups

Planday shifts always contain of a combination of Department and Employee group.

PaxFlow understands employee groups as:

Operational shifts (connected to departures)

  • Each departure

Attendance shifts (not connected to departures)

  • Pickup

  • Drop-off

  • Each field shift

  • Each office location

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