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What is...a departure?
What is...a departure?
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Departures specify the timing of an activity. Departures can have individual start times. The duration of a departure is all of the phases after the start time to the end time. Allotments are also created for departures. Activity bookings are always made on departures.

Departures have different phases:

  • Pickup / Check-in

  • Boarding

  • Activity / Tour

  • Drop-off

Each departure has an individual departure ID.

Points to note:

PaxFlow reads from booking system

  • start time (if specified)

  • departure duration (if specified)

  • prior pickup time of a departure (if specified)

  • seat occupation of a departure

  • activity bookings on a departure

PaxFlow calculates

  • end time of a departure

PaxFlow can connect

Date only departures

  • have the start time 00:00 and a duration of 24 hours. These departures do not block resources in the Resource Manager

Find more information on departures here.

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