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What is...a resource assignment?
What is...a resource assignment?
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Scheduling resources is done in the Resource Manager by creating resource assignments. Resources are blocked for the time of an assignment.

There are five types of assignments which are supported by PaxFlow:

  • Tour departure: The timing of a tour assignment is determined by the tour settings in the booking system. Assigned resources are automatically available for pickup and drop-off assignment.

  • Pickup assistance: Additional resources performing pickup for a tour or departure group.

  • Drop-off assistance: Additional resources performing drop-off for a tour or departure group.

  • Washing: Resources can be blocked for washing and cleaning activities. Washing assignments can be displayed on Dashboards.

  • Unavailability: A resource marked as unavailable is temporarily not available for any activities. A resource already scheduled for an activity can also be marked as unavailable and in that case the existing schedule of the resource will automatically be deleted.

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