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Resource Manager allows users to manage different types of vehicles and create schedules for the vehicles on board. You can assign vehicles for tours, pickup or drop-off assistance and also mark their maintenance and cleaning schedules.

View Fleet schedule

The Resource Manager displays the schedule of the active fleet for a given time period. To view the existing schedule, go to Resource Manager under the Operations drop down menu. Enter the date range for which the schedule is to be displayed and click Go.

The default view of the Resource Manager shows the booked slots for the active vehicles for different assignment types. They are color coded for the ease of understanding of the user.

  • Pickup assistance: Blue

  • Tour: Grey

  • Drop-off assistance: Turquoise

  • Washing: Yellow

  • Unavailability: Red

A mouse hover over an activity shows the summary of the assignment. Click any of the assignments to edit or delete it.

Table settings

There are four different buttons on the top right of the page.

Reports - The report button is used to display the fleet utilization report for the selected time period. Following parameters are shown to indicate the fleet utilization.

  • Pickup: Percentage of vehicles used for pickups during the selected time period

  • Drop-off: Percentage of vehicles used for drop-offs during the selected time period

  • Tour: Percentage of vehicles used for tours during the selected time period

  • Unavailable: Percentage of vehicles unavailable for the given time period

  • Washing: Percentage of vehicles scheduled for washing during the selected time period

  • Total: Overall percentage of utilization of active vehicles in the given time period

Refresh - Whenever a new vehicle is added or a driver shift is modified in the back-end system, click the Refresh icon on the Resource Manager interface to fetch the up-to-date data.

Horizontal View - In a horizontal view, the fleet schedule is shown along the x-axis for the selected time period. The above shown figure displays the schedule in a horizontal view.

Vertical View - Click the vertical view icon if the fleet schedule is to be shown along the Y-axis of the selected time period. The vertical view is as shown below.

Manage vehicles - Opens Your fleet.

Creating vehicle assignments

To schedule a particular vehicle, click the + icon in front of the vehicle number for the vehicle which appears when hovering over the line of that vehicle. Then select the assignment type by clicking on one of the available tabs.

Tour departure

Select a date first. Available departures on that day will be displayed in the drop-down below. Departures with bookings will be at the top of the list.

Pickup and Drop-off assistance

First select the for which departure or departure group the assistance is for. Then select the exact time frame of the pickup or drop-off assistance. The default time frame specified in the general settings is added to the start time of the departure.

Unavailability and Washing

For unavailability and washing only a time frame needs to be specified.

OBS! Unavailabilities will delete any conflicting assignments if this behavior is not disabled in general settings.

Select Vehicles

Assignments can be created for several vehicles at once by clicking on the Add button. Only vehicles which are not scheduled at the time of the assignment can be selected (except for Unavailabilities). Drivers or Guides can be selected here as well.

Comments appear either on top of enroute passenger, pickup or drop-off lists or on washing and unavailability assignments in Resource Manager.

Repeat mode

All above settings will be applied to the days specified in the repeat settings. Assignments which would conflict with other assignments are not created.

Editing and deleting assignments

To edit an existing schedule for a vehicle, click on the assignment and click Edit.

Make the required changes and click Save. Only one assignment can be modified at a time. Times and tours a vehicle is assigned to cannot be modified.

To delete an existing assignment, click on the assignment and click Delete.


Vehicle groups can be used as filter in Resource Manager to view a limited set of vehicles. For example, in the following view, only limited vehicles are shown with the help of a filter using a particular vehicle group.

This simplifies the Resource Manager view and makes it easier to use.


The following parameters under Settings are related to the Resource Manager operations. Go to Settings, and click Timing.

Duration of a pickup assignment in minutes - This is the time (in minutes) for which a vehicle will be blocked when assigned for a pickup activity. For example, if a vehicle is allocated for pickup at 8:00 AM and this parameter is set to 30 minutes, then the vehicle will be blocked till 8:30 AM.

Duration of a drop off assignment in minutes - This is the time (in minutes) for which a vehicle will be blocked when assigned for a drop off activity.

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