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Create new Vehicles/Types/Groups

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In this article:

  • Adding vehicles

  • Adding types

  • Adding groups


To manage your vehicles, click the Gear Icon and click Resource Manager. It shows the list of existing vehicles, vehicle types and vehicle groups.

Vehicles lists all the active and inactive vehicles of the fleet. Click Only Active on the top of the list to see only a list of active vehicles.

Types refer to the different types of vehicles like cars, buses, boats etc.

Group refers to a logical set of vehicles used for a specific activity or place or time etc. For example, you can create a group of vehicles which can be used in a particular region only or create a group of vehicles which are used for specific type of tours only. These groups are mainly used as filters when viewing the schedules in the Resource Manager.

Adding a new vehicle

Click the Add button on top of the list of existing vehicles.

Enter the details of the vehicle and click Save.

  • Number: Unique vehicle number used for its identification. This number is used across the application to refer to the vehicle. We recommend 3-digit codes.

  • License Plate: The registration number on the license plate of the vehicle

  • Number of passengers: Number of passengers that the vehicle can accommodate

  • Description: Description of the vehicle

  • Vehicle Type: Type of the given vehicle

  • Vehicle is used: Enable this field if the vehicle is currently active and is being used.

Adding a Vehicle Type

Click the Add button on top of the list of existing vehicle types.

Enter the details of the new type and click Save.

  • Title: Name of the vehicle type

  • Description: Description of the type

  • Icon: Icon to be used in the application to indicate this type of vehicles

  • Who may be the driver: The type of driver required for the vehicle.

  • These vehicles are used for: Enable if the vehicle can be used for pickup, drop-off or tours.

Adding a Vehicle Group

Click the Add button on top of the list of existing vehicle groups.

Enter a title for the group, select the vehicles to be added to the group and click Save.

Behavior of the Resource Manager

Click Options to unfold additional settings for the Resource Manager.

Block overlapping assignments

Allows blocking of assignments if the resources are overlapping. Note that this does not apply to flexible departures as those block whole days by default.

Unavailabilities delete conflicting previously made assignments

Enable automatic deletion of any previously created assignments if an unavailability period is scheduled for the resource at that time.

Show departures without shift location associated in resource manager

By default, only departures which have a shift location associated are available in Resource Manager. This is to ensure that only the operational departures are used for assignments. In case you don't have a shift scheduling system connected to PaxFlow, then all departures are displayed in the Resource Manager.


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