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Assign passengers to vehicles
Assign passengers to vehicles
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After scheduling vehicles for a pickup, a tour or a drop-off, the passengers of the tour and pickup should be assigned to the vehicles. When there are multiple resources for pickup or tour, this is required to split the passengers and allocate them to different vehicles.

Accessing the assignment interface

There are two options to access the passenger assignment interface:

  1. From departure toolbar on the passenger list on Bookings > Passengers page. From here you can access the passenger assignment interface for a specific departure directly.

  2. From Operations > Assign Passenger on the main menu in PaxFlow. This option will take you to an an overview of all departures for the current or a selected date.

Assigning passengers to vehicles from the Passenger List

Once one or more vehicle resources have been assigned to the tour clicking on the "Assign for tour" and "Assign for pick up" actions on the Departure toolbar on the Passenger Lists will take you to the assign passenger interface. If no resources have been assigned the action will ask you to add the resources first. Follow the guidelines for Assigning resources for departures.

Which action buttons are available on the departure toolbar depends on which Departure Groups the tour is a part of.

If the departure does not belong to any pickup or drop-off groups both "Assign for pickup" and "Assign for tour" action buttons are available. In case a departure is part of a pickup group then only the "Assign for tour" button is available.

The pickup assignment button for departures with shared pickup becomes accessible in the pickup mode of Passengers. Then also the name of the departure group is displayed instead of the tour names of the pickup sharing activities.

Selecting any of the described buttons will lead you to the actual assignment interface.

  • Assign for tour will take you the assignment interface for the tour vehicles.

  • Assign for pickup will take you to the assignment interface for pick up vehicles

Assigning passengers to vehicles from "Assign passengers" page

Navigate to Operations > Assign passengers on the main menu in PaxFlow.

To assign passengers for different tour departures select a date first.

Each departure can have up to three assignment types:

  1. Tour departure (Tour Vehicles)

  2. Pickup (Tour Vehicles and Pickup Assistance Vehicles)

  3. Drop-off (Tour Vehicles and Drop-off Assistance Vehicles).

Click on relevant links for each departure to assign passengers either on tour vehicles and/or pickup/drop-off vehicles.

The Assign passenger overview for a selected date:

In case the pickup or drop-off service of different departures is shared between them using departure groups then these groups are displayed in separate columns.

Assigning pickup and drop-off

The vehicles assigned for the given tour and pickup are shown. By default, a tour vehicle is also used as a pickup vehicle. There are three options here:

Reload changed vehicles - This button is used to reload the tour and pickup bus information from the Resource Manager.

Change vehicles - This button is used to add or modify the tour and pickup buses using the Resource Manager.

Assign Passengers - This button is used to assign passengers to the pickup vehicles.

Click Assign Passengers to divide the passengers into different vehicles. It shows the list of all the bookings with the number of passengers in each booking. Against each booking, all the vehicles and the available number of seats are indicated.

In case the full capacity of a vehicle is reached the vehicle number will light up in green. When the capacity is exceeded does the button and the vehicle number light up in red.

By clicking on a location can booking information be displayed and individual assignments be made.

Once done click Save. In case changes are made during a pickup or drop-off will the changes be reflected in the tablet application immediately.

Tour Vehicle Assignments

These assignments are partly automated especially when there is only a single tour vehicle scheduled for a departure. In case certain bookings requested to travel on the same vehicle then these inquiries can be met here.

The interface lists all bookings (grouped by pickup vehicles if applicable) against the tour vehicles. In case tour vehicles are also used during pickup then these will both be listed as pickup vehicles and as tour vehicles. If pickup vehicles are highlighted in yellow then all of it's passengers are assigned to a single tour vehicle.

Clicking on a pickup vehicle unfolds the list of passengers which were assigned for pickup to this vehicle. To change a tour vehicle assignment simply click on the button of the other tour vehicle. This can be done per pickup bus or per booking.

Just like in the pickup and drop-off assignment interface do vehicle numbers light up in green or red in case their maximum capacity is met or exceeded.

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