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Accessing the Single Booking View

From Passengers: To view the booking details, click the passenger name in the passenger list.

From Search: Alternatively, use the search tool and search using the booking number as shown below. Click on the passenger name or the booking number to see the details of the booking.


Single booking view shows the details of the booking. A booking can include several activity bookings. Booking data can be seen in the left panel of the page the activity bookings are listed on the right panel.

Booking data in the left panel of the page

The left panel booking page displays the following information:

Booking Information

Booking Number

If a booking was created using Book another tour then the original booking is linked here.

Internal ID for booking created through PaxFlow

Date and exact time of booking

External booking number, if any (editable, pushed to booking system)

Seller details

Customer Information

Name of the customer (editable, pushed to booking system)

Contact number (editable, pushed to booking system)

Displays the email address in the booking. If HelpScout email integration is enabled then clicking the button will open a new conversation in HelpScout and the dropdown has options to change the email address or to run it in the HelpScout search.

Link to PaxPortal and log of previous logins to PaxPortal. Copy the link or open in new tab to access PaxPortal of this booking.

Payment Information

Paid in full, Overpaid, Free, Invoiced

Booking is balanced, customer does not have to pay additionally according to information in booking system

Not paid, Deposit

Booking is not balanced, customer has potentially still to pay the reservation. Depending on the booking system and whether a payment integration is enabled can payments still be added to a booking through PaxFlow.

Access and Assistance Information

Passenger is possibly slower moving

Request for special help in the tour

Booking actions

The booking and all activities will then be canceled (only if supported by booking system).

Access the Book another tour interface and create another booking for the customer

Update the booking data from your backend booking system

Activity bookings in the right panel

Activity Specific Information: This section in the right panel shows the information about the tour. At the top, it shows the code and name of the tour booked. Combo activities are displayed differently from non-combo activities.

In the top left corner the tour code and the tour title is displayed

Pickup and drop-off location with status sign

Vehicle the booking is assigned to for pickup

Tour vehicle the booking is assigned to

Vehicle the booking is assigned to for drop-off

Departure date and time (and departure id)

Rate title appears only if there is more than one rate for a product available

Number of passengers in the booking

In the bottom right corner is the activity booking number displayed

Bókun combo activity:

As the operational information is handled in the combo-child activity are the options for a combo-parent reduced. Bus changes can still be handled in the pickup window by clicking Change. When rescheduling a combo activity then the combo-child gets canceled on the old date and a new booking is created on the new date.

Canceled activities:

Activities on a departure which is canceled:

When a departure got canceled through the PaxFlow tour cancellation module then a warning is shown in the activity booking.

Activity booking buttons

Change and see status history of the booking

Change: Access the Pickup and Drop-off Details to change locations and vehicles

Access the Pickup and Drop-off Details to change locations and vehicles

Change the date or departure time of an activity booking (only if supported by booking system)


Send email to the customer with Send Ticket

Edit Notes

Access notes for the booking


Cancel activity booking (only if supported by booking system)


Link a document, a payment link or similar to the Customer Portal


Download the ticket of the activity booking (only if supported by booking system)

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