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HelpScout Sidebar
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What is this and why would you want this?

HelpScout sidebar refers to the booking information displayed in HelpScout conversations next to emails agents are looking at.

This information is fetched using the activity booking numbers in the subject of the email.


  1. Activity information with activity booking number, booking status, tour code, date and departure, number of passengers, pickup and drop-off locations

  2. Booking information with booking number, payment status, customer name of booking, external booking number (if applicable), direct link to PaxPortal of this booking

  3. Quick link to view booking details in PaxFlow

  4. Quick link to search in PaxFlow using the customer email address

  5. Quick link to open Send Ticket tool in PaxFlow and send ticket in an email to the customer.

  6. Warning messages when the customer email address does not match the email address in the booking. Email addresses can be whitelisted though.


  • HelpScout subscription


The emails are referred to as conversations in HelpScout. You can customize the sidebar of a conversation in the HelpScout application to see related information. By default, the sidebar of a conversation always shows the customer profile at the top and the previous conversations with the customer.

HelpScout sidebar can be customized to show customer history, booking details, previous trips etc. For this, HelpScout invokes an end point on PaxFlow whenever a conversation is loaded. The PaxFlow returns the information related to the activity and it is displayed in the sidebar.

Follow the steps listed below for this integration:

  1. Enter the details of the application. The details also require the endpoint callback url and secret key from where the sidebar information is to be pulled. The Callback URL and Secret Key should be copied from the PaxFlow settings (Integrations - HelpScout Sidebar) as shown below.

3. Select the mailboxes in which this sidebar should be active and save the details.

To disable the integration simply select the Disable button.

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