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Aircall application can be easily integrated with PaxFlow application to display custom data from PaxFlow in the call view of any Aircall incoming or outgoing call as shown below.


  • Search in PaxFlow does search for the phone number in PaxFlow

  • booking information with booking number, external booking reference (if applicable), activity booking numbers, tour code, date and departure and name on booking

  • clicking on a booking number or activity booking number will open the booking in PaxFlow in a new tab


  • Aircall subscription

Recommended additions:

  • Aircall integrates also with HelpScout

  • HelpScout Mailing

  • HelpScout Sidebar

  • HelpScout Beacon


Aircall offers webhooks to enable notifications to the Paxflow application. Refer the guide on Aircall API and Webhooks to get an overview of how it works. Listed below are the steps to integrate PaxFlow with Aircall.

Step 1. Generate API ID and API Token in the Aircall application.

Step 2: Click Integrations and Enable integration on the Aircall Insights tile. Insert the API ID and Token.

Step 3: Create a Webhook integration with Aircall. Refer this guide for step by step instructions on how to create and manage webhooks. Copy the end point URL from the PaxFlow settings to the URL field in the webhook integration in Aircall. Configure the webhook to receive call.created events only.

Sample webhook integration in Aircall :


For more information, refer the guide about how to display contextual insights about the customers in the call view of Aircall application.

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