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This tool is used to send a booking related message to the customer. The tool inserts the booking data into the variables of the selected email template, fetches the ticket from the booking system and attaches it to the email as PDF file. The emailing software connected to PaxFlow performs the sending.

To send tickets using the tool, follow the steps listed below.

1. Access Send ticket directly from Passengers...

...or Single booking

2. On the Send screen

Changes can be made to the email and settings. Please note that some options might be available depending on the booking system and email integration in use. Review the content of the email and click Send.

To add notes to the corresponding booking, click Edit notes button.

3. A confirmation message is shown if the email is successfully sent.

If HelpScout email integration is used then a direct link to the conversation in HelpScout is provided.

4. All emails sent through PaxFlow are logged for each activity booking.

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