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Integrations section includes setting up and configuring third party applications to be used with PaxFlow. For example, integrating your booking system, your shift system, mailing system etc. with PaxFlow.

Following are the different types of integrations possible with PaxFlow application.

Booking System

This describes how to connect PaxFlow to different booking systems.

Bókun online booking software

Rezdy booking software

Shift Integration

This section is used to integrate PaxFlow to different shift systems.

Assign users to vehicles

Manage shift schedules

Read shift schedules

Mail Integration

This is used to configure mailing systems to be used with PaxFlow.

Mails sent by PaxFlow

Helpdesk software

Mailing platform

Portal Plugins

This is used for integration of different plugins to PaxFlow for the customer self-service portal, e.g. chat integrations or customizations for your corporate identity.

Payment Integration

This is for integration of payment systems with PaxFlow.

Internal Communication

This is for integration of internal communication tools with PaxFlow.

Send email notifications

Inform your team quickly

Keep your team updated

CRM Integrations

This is for integration with external systems to provide booking data to external systems, e.g. customer support systems to pull up bookings for incoming calls or emails.

See who is calling before answering

Additional customer info from PaxFlow

SMS Integrations

This is for integration to send SMS from PaxFlow.

Waivers Integrations

This is to intergrade your waiver system with PaxFlow.


Clicking "Info" on an integration tile will open a pop-up window with further information on the integration.

Some of the integrations require complex changes, please get in touch with us and we will do it for you quickly.

Portal Plugins and CRM Integrations can be enabled and disabled by you:

To enable just select the "Enable Integration" button.

Enabled integrations have a "Settings" button instead of the "Info" button. Some integrations do also have an additional button to Caches in case manual cache refreshes are required.

To disable the integration select "Settings" and click the "Disable" button.

Any third party application successfully integrated with the application is indicated with a green tick icon at the top.

Errors or incomplete configurations are shown with a red icon.

Contact us for any specific integration requirements.

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