Rezdy: Set Up Guide
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Navigate to Integrations on the right hand side, select Enable (Rezdy)

Add your API key, you can find or generate it in Rezdy at Integrations -> Rezdy API.


Once the API key has been added you can copy the endpoints for your webhooks which you can create in Rezdy at Integrations -> Webhooks.

PaxFlow uses webhooks to get booking and setup updates from Rezdy. For different types of updates like new order, new contact, different end point URLs are created by PaxFlow and will be set in the following fields. The communication requires an API Key generated by the Rezdy application for authentication.

New Order

This is the end point to receive notification from Rezdy for a new order.

New Contact

Endpoint to receive notification for a new contact.

Updated Order

Endpoint to receive notification for an update in the order.

Cancelled Order

Endpoint to receive notification for a cancelled order.

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