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Getting a Sling Authorzation Token - API key
Getting a Sling Authorzation Token - API key
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Getting or Renewing the Sling API Key/Authorization Token

Sometimes the Sling API authorization token (API key) expires, and the integration between Sling and PaxFlow stops working. In that case, the authorization token needs to be replaced with a new one and updated in the PaxFlow Sling Integration settings.

Finding the API key in Sling is not quite straightforward, but here is a step-by-step guide on how you can find it.

We recommend that you create and use a generic Admin or API user account in Sling and that you use a valid authorization token for that user account with PaxFlow. That prevents you from needing to update the token in case an actual employee user account is terminated. The Admin/API user should have full access to everything in Sling.

Step-by-step guide to finding the Sling authorization

  1. Log in to Sling as the Admin user in a browser such as Chrome and navigate to the "Schedule" page.

  2. Open the development tools in the browser.

  3. Right-click with your mouse and click on "Inspect" in the menu.

  4. Open the Network Communication in the developer tool.

  5. Reload the page in the browser.

  6. Type "" into the Filter input.

  7. Click on one of the "integrations" from the list on the left-hand side (under Name). Make sure to use a request that has "Request Method: GET, POST, PUT or DELETE". You will not be able to find the authorization token if "Request Method: OPTIONS".

  8. Scroll down to "Request Headers" on the "Headers" tab. If you don't see it try refreshing the page with the Inspect tool open.

  9. Copy the Authorization key after the semicolon (:) and paste it into the API key field in PaxFlow Sling Integration settings.

How to find the authorization token in Sling:

Copy Authorization key into Sling Integration Settings in PaxFlow

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