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Navigate to Integrations on your left hand side of the screen, click Enable Bókun. Note that you can only connect one booking system.

To get connected, you'll need a copy of an API key from your Bókun account.

You can find or create API keys in Bókun at Settings --> Connection --> API keys.
If you don’t have an existing API key to use, you can create a new one by selecting “Add”. Enter the requested information and click Save.


Provide the access key and secret key created in Bókun for PaxFlow. Make sure that "Allow offline payment" is enabled and that the api key is assigned to an appropriate user role (for example: "ApiKeys Book and Ops" or "Admin") and a booking channel. Without a booking channel assigned to it will the API key not work correctly.

Vendor Information

The vendor ID can be found by the company name (bottom right in Bókun) and the booking prefix can either be found at the beginning of an activity booking number of a booking operated by the operator or at Settings->Vendor info.

Additional setup

Connection details

In case incorrect credentials were provided in the onboarding wizard you are able to amend these credentials later still. Go to Integrations and select Bókun under the Booking systems.

Click Settings button and check the connection details:

There is one more detail you can add here and which creates links in certain places within PaxFlow to your Bókun account:

  • Link to your Bókun login: The address of your Bókun server.


Hooks are mechanisms through which Bókun can notify PaxFlow immediately whenever there is a change in bookings. We can receive notifications for new, updated or cancelled bookings as well as for changes in the tours & departures. Real time updates from Bókun greatly improve the PaxFlow experience. Hence, it is strongly recommended that hooks are configured and used. There are two types of hooks:

Booking Hooks

In order to set up a booking hook, go to Settings and select Integrated systems. Click Add, HTTP Booking notification and give it a name (e.g. "PaxFlow hook"). Mark it as active and set its data format as JSON. Select all the different types of notifications. Provide the URL and query parameters here.

Product Hooks

In order to set up product hooks, go to Settings and click Push notifications. Click Add and choose a trigger "Product update". Provide the hook URL here:

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