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Data from external systems like booking systems and shift scheduling systems is updated at regular intervals and cached locally in the PaxFlow application. In cases where the data from these third party applications needs to be instantly imported into the system, a manual refresh can be triggered. There are multiple options to update specific data in the application. Whenever a refresh is requested, number of items updated are shown after the refresh.

To use the manual cache refresh tool, go to the Integrations and click the caches symbol next to the settings button of your booking system integration.

Refresh a booking: To refresh a booking, enter the booking code and click Refresh. This fetches all the details about a particular booking from the back end system.

Refresh Tours: This option is used to reload the tours information from the connected booking system. Click Refresh tours in case changes where made to the tour setup and the new data should be imported.

Refresh pickup places: This option reloads the list of pickup locations from the booking system in case new ones got added.

Refresh shift user data: This is used to reload all the shift users data from the shifts integration.

For shifts, availabilities and bookings, there is an option to reload data for either a given day or for a selected time period.

Refresh availabilities: This option is used to reload the seat occupation information for all the tours in the system. Choose the date or date range for which data is to be updated and click Refresh availabilities.

Refresh bookings: This option is used for refresh all the bookings for the given date or date range. Select the dates and click Refresh bookings.

Refresh Shifts: This option is used to reload all the shifts for the selected time. Select the dates and click Refresh shifts.

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