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Navigate to Settings in the upper right corner and select PaxPortal on the left hand side-bar. These settings are used to define the behaviour of the PaxPortal.

Which departures can be modified by customer in the customer self-service portal?

Specify the departures for which the customer can make changes like modifying the pickup location, cancelling the tour etc.

Hide Reduced Mobility option

To disable the option of providing any special assistance in case of reduced mobility.

Hide Special Assistance option

To disable the customer from requesting for any special assistance.

Hint for your passengers to identify the booking code / number

Show the format of the booking numbers for easy identification by the customers.

Show combo parents as cancelled when one combo child is cancelled

In case you are working with combo-products in your booking system, you can choose to display the combo-parents as cancelled in case one or more combo-children get cancelled. This makes sense especially in cases where combo-children are used as operational products in the tour setup.

Allow customers to send cancellation requests

Access to the buttons and their behaviour can be modified using Activity Filters.

Make sure to save your changes.

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