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In this article will we go over everything which is needed for assigning resources to a departure.

Our example "Tórshavn History Tour" is a walking tour which can either be a booking with pickup and drop-off or customers can show up at a central meeting point.

The first thing we need to do is to assign a tour resource in the Resource Manager. We hover over a free space in front of the resource we want to assign for the tour and click the "+" icon which is appearing.

We select the "Tour" tab in the pop-up window, choose the date on which the assignment should be and the departure we would like to assign the resource to. Since our tour has only one guide who is both navigating and informing the group, do we select the same staff member as "Driver" and "Guide".

After saving the previous assignment we need two additional assignments for pickup and drop-off assistance.

After that we can see our resource schedule in the Resource Manager.

Now we can go back to the Passenger List and do already see the resources we assigned to the departure.

Now we can go ahead and assign pickup by clicking the pickup symbol on top of the list.

This leads us to the pickup assignment interface in which we can see an overview on the resources which are assigned for pickup. Tour resources are by default also available for pickup of a tour.

We continue by clicking "Assign passengers for pickup" and are then confronted with a list of pickup locations which we need to connect to resources. We do this by just clicking the buttons below the resources.

After saving we do the same for drop-off by clicking "Other options" and then selecting "Drop-Off".

Since some bookings did not include pickup and drop-off, did we assign those bookings to the tour resource as this will be the first resource they get in touch with on day of operation. On the Passenger List are we now able to see to which resources the different bookings of the departure are assigned to.

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