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To manage tour departures, go to the Departures and click Manage. The list of existing departures and departure groups is shown.

The list of departures is shown grouped by the time of departure. Each row in the list indicates the departure time and the number of departures scheduled at that time.

Click the departure time to see the list of departures. Each row shows the operator name, tour code and the departure id. The hover over the departure shows the name of the tour.

Click any departure to see the details and settings of the departure as shown below.


Handbook pages to be associated with the given departure. The pages can be viewed in the passenger list on both the desktop and on the tablet application.

Associated pages in Handbook: Select one or more of your documents to be linked to the departure.

Shifts on this departure

The tour departure duration is calculated by adding the tour duration or the tour departure duration information from the connected booking system to the start time. In case a pickup time earlier than the departure time is set in the booking system then this time is deducted additionally. It's possible to set a standard time frame in the general settings

Shift start: How long before a departure does the shift start?: The departure time or (if different) the pickup time before departure (specified in booking system) -minus- the default time reduction before tour departure time (specified in PaxFlow General Settings) or (if different) the specific time reduction before tour departure time (specified in PaxFlow Tour Departure Settings)

Shift end: How long after a departure does the shift end?: tour departure time + tour duration or (if different) tour departure duration (specified in booking system) + drop-off duration (specified in PaxFlow settings)

Which location in the shift system corresponds to this departure?: In case the Sling or Planday integration is enabled then you can select the corresponding shift location which should be linked to this departure. For Sling it is also possible to create a new location from here. The title of created locations through PaxFlow have this scheme: tour code start time tour title (AB-CDE 08:00 Alphabetical Adventure Tour)

Pickup and Dropoff Groups

Sharing pickup with:
Select the departure group with departures sharing pickup with each other.

Sharing drop-off with:
Select the departure group with departures sharing drop-off with each other.


Departure Groups allow users to display a certain set of departures instead of all at once in various areas in PaxFlow.

See and select which departure groups the departure is part of.
Pickup and drop-off sharing rules are specified above.

Always confirm changes by clicking Save at the bottom of the page.

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