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PaxFlow application allows users to send out standardized emails to a range of customers at the same time.

Step 1: Select a list of bookings and a template

To send out a common email to all the passengers of a tour, go to Bookings on the left hand side bar and select Passengers. Click the notification icon on the top of the list of the passengers of the tour.

Existing email templates for mass mailing will be listed in the drop down menu. Select an appropriate template to continue.

Step 2: Review the list of customers to be contacted

The list of all the passengers with their email IDs will be listed. Edit the email IDs, if required and click Continue. Keep the email address empty for a booking to which the mail should not be sent.

Step 3: Review and edit the email settings

Once you are done click Send.

Step 4: Check transmission status

A confirmation message is displayed at the end listing the bookings which did or did not have an email address entered in step 2.

The More Info button at the end provides more details like booking id, activity id, booking channel and the email id at which the email is sent.

Bookings which did not have an email address added can still be contacted by copy and paste the message to external systems (for example of OTA's messengers). Clicking Send externally opens a pop-up window with the message and options to document whether the message has been sent manually or not.

Other places mass mailing can be performed from are Mailing and Custom reports.

In Mailing it is possible to select the date, the template which should be used and the departure which should be contacted.

In Custom reports all customers listed in a report can be contacted at the same time.

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