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Taking Payments in PaxFlow
Taking Payments in PaxFlow
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In PaxFlow, it is possible to take card payments for bookings with an unbalanced invoice (Not paid or Deposit). Payments can be taken through the Single booking module, the Enroute Application, the PaxPortal and in Book another tour.

To enable this functionality, it is necessary to enable a payment integration. Currently we support:

The pricing information is read from the backend booking system. In case, some amount is due in a booking then the payment status changes to Deposit or Not paid and the card payment module becomes available. In the Desktop application and the Enroute application, the card payment module can be opened by clicking on the payment status.

Payments can only be taken per booking which means it is not possible to perform part payments or to pay for single activity bookings.

Card Payment Module on the Desktop application

Click on the payment status in Passengers or Single booking to open the payment window.

Enter the credit card details to make a payment for the booking. In case the displayed prices are incorrect the invoice in the backend booking system needs to be amended. The button Edit Bókun invoice will direct to the booking in the booking system.

Once a payment is successfully made, a confirmation is displayed. When the booking gets refreshed one more time from the booking system, it shows up as Paid in full.

Card Payment Module on the Enroute application

The payment status in the Tour Passenger List on the tablet application can be selected when the status is Deposit or Not paid.

A card payment interface opens and the credit card details can be added.

Once a payment is successfully performed a confirmation is displayed.

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