In the Customer Portal passengers can view and amend their bookings.

Possible amendments are:

  • Reschedule activities to different dates and departures
  • Change of pickup location
  • Confirming pickup location
  • Add flags for reduced mobility and special attention (if enabled in Customer Portal settings)
  • Contact customer support (if portal plugin is enabled)
  • Follow link to view pickup location on Google Maps.
  • Pay their reservation in case the invoice is unbalanced and not booked through a 3rd party (if a payment integration is enabled)
  • Change contact phone number and email address
  • Download ticket (if allowed by booking system)
  • Access links which got added to the booking



Customer Portal is a private page of the application designed to provide all the information and services required by an end customer at one place. It is easy to use, private and secure. PaxFlow customer portal allows the customers to manage their bookings on their own, update contact information, make payments etc.


The following features are provided to the customers through the customer portal

  • Manage bookings - Customers can reschedule booking dates and departures
  • Modify pickup location
  • Add special requests
  • Contact customer support team
  • Make payments for the tours, if not already done.
  • Download tickets
  • Update contact information

Login and Account

PaxFlow uses booking numbers and passenger information to allow customers to login into their portals. Go to the customer portal URL and enter booking number and the email id or full name of the passenger for verification. Click Open my booking button.

The customer portal shows up. The top of the page shows the customer contact details. Booked tours are shown after that. Alert messages related to the bookings, if any are shown on top of the bookings.

Update Customer contact details

The contact number and email id of the customer are shown at the top of the page. Click the Change button to edit any of the two fields. On clicking the button, the field changes to a textbox. Enter the new values and click Save.

Manage Bookings

All the activities in the booking are shown in the customer portal.

Activity view

An activity in the booking is as shown below. The

Following fields of the tour are shown for each activity.

Activity Id: This is the identifier of the tour in the booking. It is shown at the bottom of the tour.

Activity Title: Name or title of the tour

Number of passengers: Total count of the passengers booked for the tour.

Date: Pickup date and time

Pickup From: Pickup location

Following actions can be taken from the customer portal for the activity.

Change: This button is used to reschedule the tour. On clicking this button, the list of the reschedule dates are shown. Choose the date to which the tour is to rescheduled. If there are seats available, the rescheduling can be successfully done.

Show on a map: This is used to see the pickup location on the map.

Ticket: This is used to download the ticket for the tour.

Change pickup location: This provides an option to the customer to modify the pickup location for the tour. On Clicking this button, a list of preset pickup locations for the tour are listed. The customer can select any location and click Yes, that's it! to confirm the location.

Confirm this pickup: This button is shown if the pickup location provided in the booking is not confirmed yet. In this case, click this button to confirm the pickup location.

Note that the access to the buttons and their behavior can be modified using Activity Filters.

Special Assistance Needs

A customer can request for special assistance while on a tour. To do so, check the appropriate checkboxes at the end of the customer portal page and click Save.

Customer Support

To contact the customer support team at any point, click the contact us link.

Localization support

PaxFlow customer portal also supports multiple languages. Click the language drop down menu at the top of the page and select the desired language.


There are a few settings in the PaxFlow Admin application which allow further customization of the customer portal. Go to Settings and click General. Go to the Customer Portal tab.

Customer Portal can be easily integrated with third party applications like HelpScout and LiveChat to provide a customer support option via chat. You can also choose to enable other third party integrations using the HTML, Javascript and Css options provided in the settings. To enable a live chat option using existing integrations, select the appropriate radio button and provide the details of the connection (like beacon ID or license number).

Refer HelpScout live chat and LiveChat guides for more details.

By default, the customer portal shows Special Assistance options to the customers. To disable any of the two options, enable the toggle bar to hide the option.

Make all the required changes and click Save.

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