The list of tours for the day is shown under Lists. The tours are shown by their starting time.

Choose a time to see the list of passengers on the particular tour.

The top of the list shows the name, route and the timings of the tour. Alongside this, it also shows the total number of passengers booked for the tour in grey, followed by a count of the number of infants, children and seniors, if any, on the tour.

Each record in the list of passengers shows the tour code for the booking, followed by the number of passengers in the booking, the name in which the booking was done, pickup bus number, number of infants, children and seniors in the booking, special requests of the passengers, if any, drop off location and the payment status.

Add another booking

The users, for example the driver, can use the application to make another booking for an existing passenger. To add another booking for a passenger, click the + icon.

The list of upcoming tours is shown.

Select the tour for the new booking. Review the booking details, enter any discount coupon code, if applicable and click Confirm Booking.

View and Add comments

Add a comment related to the tour, passengers or anything general in the comments section below the passenger's list and click Save.

Any comment by the back office for a given bus is shown at the beginning of the list of passengers as shown below (after the summary line and highlighted in blue color). Similarly, any message added by the back office for a specific booking is shown with the booking record.

Add a note for a booking

The user can also add a special note for a particular booking or a passenger. This note can be seen by the back office as soon as the user saves it while on the tour. To add a note, click the edit icon shown at the end of each record.

Enter the message and click Save.

The user can also mark the passenger to be excluded from the review system post the tour. If checked, no review email will be sent to the passenger.

View related documents

All the documents related to the tour are available to the user directly on the tour page. To view the documents, click the documents icon on the right corner of the tour summary. Select the document to view.

View Payment Status

The payment status for each booking is shown along with each booking record. This field is also color-coded for easy identification. This field can have one of the four values - ' Paid in full', 'Deposit', 'Not Paid', 'Invoiced'. The user cannot modify the status. But in case, the status is Deposit or Not Paid and a payment gateway is integrated with the application, the user can click this field to initiate the payment process.

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