Drop off list shows the list of drop off points for the passengers. Select a specific drop off from the list on the dashboard or click Drop Off button in a specific tour, shown at the top right side of the summary line.

A list of passengers to be dropped off at different locations is shown. The passengers are grouped by their drop off locations. The first row shows the summary - total number of passengers, number of infants, children and seniors, if any.

The list below shows the passengers to be dropped off at different locations. The passengers who were not marked as arrived during pickup are shown in the list but cannot be marked as dropped off.

Order Locations

The driver can choose the order of the drop off locations shown in the list. Click the Order locations button on the summary line. This shows the list of all the locations. Drag and drop the icon in front of the location name and set as required. Click Save.

Change Drop off locations

For each passenger, by default, the drop off location is same as that of pickup location.

However, some operators allow the change of the drop off location for the passengers. In those specific cases, the user will see a link Change location against each passenger record. Click the link and the list of various drop off options will be shown. Select the appropriate option and click Save.

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