Checkin Desk is used to check-in passengers for a tour. This page lists all the passengers booked for different tours for the day.

The left section of the page lists all the departures for the day. The right panel shows the bookings for the selected departure group. By default, bookings from all the departures are shown.

For each departure, the list of bookings is shown along with the payment status for each booking. The check-in button is used to check-in the passengers in the booking.

After a passenger is marked as checked-in, the corresponding button turns green.

The check-ins can be closed using the Close check-in button. This is usually done at a scheduled time before the tour begins.

Once a check-in is closed, any bookings for the tour, not checked-in by then are marked as No Show.

If the passengers for a tour are scheduled for pickup, the corresponding bookings are shown as follows on this page.

If the payment is not done or partially done, the payment status button is shown in red, and the payment process can be initiated using the payment status button.

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