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Maps is a section to view configured regions on a map view. It also shows the pickup information for all the current tours corresponding to the region. To view the map, go to the Operations and click Map.

In the top left corner of the map are two selectors to select a pickup to display and a map region. The map view is as shown above.

It shows the pickup locations for the current departure. Each location with bookings has a tag which displays the number of passengers waiting. Depending on the status (no status/picked up/no show) are the tags displayed in grey, green and red. Vehicles are displayed with the vehicle number and depending on how old their tracking information is has the tag either a purple color or grey.

New regions can be configured in the Settings. Go to the gear icon in the top right corner and click Map on your left hand side-bar. Define regions to be viewed by providing the latitude and longitude of the top left and bottom right coordinates of the area to be shown in the map. This map region can also be viewed as it is on the desktop application.

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