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Phone book is a directory to keep the contact numbers of all the users of the application. It lists the entries created in through the PaxFlow application as well as the entries imported from third party shift scheduling applications like Sling.

To view the Phone Book, Click Documents and select Phone Book. By default, it shows the list of all the contacts in an alphabetical order.

The phone book shows the following fields for each record:

  • Source of contact: Field to indicate whether the contact is imported from a third party application or created internally. If it is created internally, this field shows INTERNAL, else it shows the third party application name like SLING (as shown in the figure above).

  • Contact Name: Name or Identifier of the contact. This can be the name of a user, location etc.

  • Email ID: Email ID of the contact

  • Contact Number: Phone number of the contact

  • Status: Status of the contact - Active or Inactive

Note that the fields visible in the Phone Book depend on the viewport of the device used for viewing it. If the size of the viewport is small, some fields may be omitted.

Search Contacts

The contacts can be searched using any of the following fields - name, email id and contact number. Enter the search text in the search bar provided on the top of the lists. The matching contacts are listed below the search bar.

Filter Contacts

The contacts can be filtered using any of the following inbuilt filters:

  • Only show guides - displays the list of guides

  • Only show drivers - displays the list of drivers

  • Only show driver guides - displays the list of driver guides

  • Only show active users - displays the list of active users

Select appropriate filter using the filter icon on the top of the list.

Edit settings for your own entry

You can opt out your contact details by selected "Edit my entry".

Here you have different options.

Add Contacts

Note that any new contacts added will be internal to the system and will not be synced with the external shift system. To add a new contact to the list, click on Edit entries link at the top of the list.

It shows the list of existing internal contacts, if any. Click the Add button.

Enter the contact details - name, email address, phone number and status ( active or inactive) and click Save.

Edit Contacts

Note that only the users created using the PaxFlow application can be edited or deleted. Any entries listed from a third party application cannot be modified from this application. To edit any internal user entry, go to the Phonebook entries and click edit icon. Make changes as required and click Save.

Phonebook settings

Ground settings of the Phonebook can be edited in General. Here it can be defined whether contact information is displayed or hidden by default and whether the entries should be sorted by first or last name.

With phone number formatting rules is it possible to change the format of the phone numbers.

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