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This section covers the setup and configuration of different types of automations in the system.
Select the gear icon in your top right corner and navigate to your left to find Automations.

Departure Summary

Departure Summary enables getting a post with combined information about all the departures of the day. The post is sent to the internal communication tool configured with the system and also sent as an email to the registered email address. For example, if the internal communication tool is Slack, the post is sent to the specified channel for the workplace.

Once enabled, this post is sent everyday at the same time.

To configure a departure summary, click Enable and enter the following fields in the settings and click Save.



Which departures should be included?

Select the departure group for which the information should be sent in the post.

Time of the day for the post

Time of the day when the post should be sent

Sample departure diary post as Slack message:

Reschedule Status Reset

When this setting is enabled, any time a booking is rescheduled, the status of the new booking is reset irrespective of the status of the original booking.

This setting can be enabled/disabled using the button on the right.

Review Follow Up

After tours, review follow ups are done for feedback from the customers. This setting can enable sending a list of email addresses where a follow up email is to be sent. This list is sent as an email everyday at a specific time to a given email address. Enter the following fields to configure this review follow up mail.

Send review follow up to this email address

Address where the review follow up mail should be sent.

Which departures should be included

The departure group for which the review is to taken

Time of the day for the post

Time at which the email should be sent everyday

PaxPortal reschedule email

With this automation an automated email is sent to customers when they change the date of their activities in the customer self-service portal. This automation is enabled per default with the template "Reschedule confirmation with new ticket attached". To change the template, simply click settings and select a different one from the list.

No-Show email

This automation sends an email notification to a customer once they got marked as no show on the Enroute Application. This automation is also enabled per default with the template "Example Template: Passenger lost".

Booking filters

Booking filters are capable of making complex and logical changes in the bookings automatically. Define rules for changing information in bookings based on patterns or for creating custom reports. Learn more about Magic booking filters. Click Open to go to the Booking filter wizard.

Note: All the automations which are enabled and configured, are indicated with a green check mark icon in the name.

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