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This articles gives an overview of the settings in the application. The settings are related to different features of the application and the external third party application integrations.

Click the Gear icon in the top right corner of the application to enter the settings. Navigate through the different settings with the menu bar on the left side.



This section covers general settings of the application like the display settings, company settings, etc.

This section covers settings related to managing users, users groups and defining access rules for the users.

In this section you can select departure groups to be displayed in different parts of PaxFlow.

This section is used to manage fleet, types and fleet groups.

This section is used to define the behavior of the self service portal.

This section is used to define email templates to be used in the application.

For certain operational features time frames need to be defined.

This section is used to define the coordinates of the regions to be displayed in the map.

With these settings the look and feel of different things can be defined.

This section covers settings related to features which can be automated like following up on review, adding filters to bookings etc.

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