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Customer Login to PaxPortal
Customer Login to PaxPortal
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PaxFlow uses booking reference numbers and passenger information to allow customers to manage their bookings. Go to the customer portal URL and enter the booking reference and email address/full name of the passenger for verification.
Click Open my booking button.

The PaxPortal opens up. At the top of the page, you'll see the customer contact details.

The activities booked are shown below the contact details where the customer can reschedule, change pickup location, download ticket and more.

If the customer has multiple activities booked within the same booking, all the activities will be listed in the customer portal.

The following fields of a booking are shown for each activity.

  • Activity Title: Name or title of the tour

  • Booking status

  • Date: Pickup date and departure time

  • The number of passengers: Total count of the passengers booked for the tour.

  • Pickup Location: Selected pick-up location for the tour.

  • Change pickup location:

  • Show on Map: Pick up location on map

  • Get Ticket: Download the ticket

  • Activity code: This is the identifier of the activity booking.

  • Request cancellation: Your customer can request a cancellation.

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