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How to: Add PaxPortal link to Bókun tickets
How to: Add PaxPortal link to Bókun tickets
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Link on travel documents.

Travel documents are the most official resource customers will refer to when it comes to their bookings. They might not always be able to find the newest version of them in case of multiple booking amendments but when a link to PaxPortal is added they can easily access and download the newest version of their booking and travel documents.

The first email post a customer will get is the automated booking confirmation mail with the invoice. You can add a custom text on the invoice in your vendor settings in Bókun.

In the same email your customers will receive another document, the actual ticket for their booked activity. This will also be the document customers are able to download from PaxPortal and it includes detailed information on the pickup or meeting point and the actual start time of their activity.

You can add a custom text to this document in the advanced Experience settings of each activity.

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