User Accounts

New user accounts can be created only by your back office. Each Enroute application user requires a PIN code to login to the application. The PIN is a numeric code used to identify the user. For any PIN related queries, please contact your back office or HR department.


Enter your pin code on the Login page.

Change PIN

The user can change the pin, if required, after a successful login. To change the PIN, go to the Settings page. Click the Change PIN button. It will generate a new random pin. Save the changes.

On successful login, the user is redirected to the overview page of the application. The overview page lists the tours, pickups and drop offs for the current day.

Pickup - This section shows the list of pickup groups for different departures of the day. When you click on any of the pickup group, it shows a list of all the passengers to be picked up along with their locations.

Departures - This section has a list of all the departures planned for the day along with their pickup and drop-off details.

Office - This lists all the back-office employees available at the moment across different locations.

My week - This section has a list of all the assignments/shift activities of the logged-in user for the next 7 days.

This Vehicle - This section has the schedule of activities planned for the vehicle for the next few days.

The left panel of the application lists the different sections of the application as explained below.

  • Lists: Lists the departures, pickups and drop-offs for the current day

  • Checkin Desk: Used for checking in passengers scheduled to be picked up from a meeting location.

  • PaxFlow Docs: Contains important documents

  • Phonebook: Lists the contact details of all the users of the company.

  • Ticket Scanner: Allows the user to scan tickets of the passengers

  • Map: Shows the maps of different locations

  • Bus Number Setting: Allows the user to set the vehicle number associated with the device

  • Settings: User Settings

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