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With the Book another tour module can bookings be created from already existing bookings using their data.

To enable this module is it necessary to set up a Departure Group and select it in the General Settings.

Access Book another tour

To enter the module either select the Book another tour option of a booking in Passengers...

...or click the button Create another booking in Single booking.

Select departure and enter participants

In Book another tour a list of departures is displayed for the date range selected. The departures are listed by start time, the tour code is displayed to see which product the departure is part of and a tag whether seats are available or not.

After choosing a departure all available pricing categories are displayed and a field to enter a promo code from your booking system which will be applied to the invoiced price.

Take payment (if payment integration is available)

Then you will be redirected to the payment page. In case your booking system allows to add payments after bookings are created can you skip this step and the payment can be added later for example in the PaxPortal.

Once the payment has been completed a confirmation is displayed.

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