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PaxFlow is able to display the location of devices using the Enroute application. The location is requested by PaxFlow when actively looking at pickup lists, drop-off lists, passenger lists or the check-in desk. PaxFlow does not log the locations it only displays the current location so there is no way of retrieving locations from the system afterwards.

Setup & Usage

To be able to see the device on a map you need to connect the device to a resource first. To do so log into the Enroute App, go to Settings and then to Set bus number.

Then open a Pickup-, Drop-off- or Passenger list or the Checkin desk. Some devices (especially iOS devices) will ask you about sharing your location with the website which you need to allow otherwise you won't be able to see the location of the device on a map.

The location is only transmitted while you are actively accessing pickup lists, drop-off lists, passenger lists or the check-in desk on the Enroute App. In case you go to another page of the Enroute App or lock your device, location sharing will stop and the location on PaxFlow maps will no longer be updated. While your location is shared your icon on a map is displayed in a purple color and when PaxFlow is not receiving location data for 30 seconds or more it changes to grey. After 30 minutes of not having received location data it will be hidden from maps in PaxFlow.

iOS location sharing settings in Safari

In case you have turned off location sharing for websites in general on an iOS device or denied it several times you can still enable it for the website you are on: Select the "aA" sign in the URL field, select "Website Settings" and set the "Location" access setting to "Allow". Then go to the home screen again by selecting the PaxFlow icon on the top left corner and go to the list you were in again. Now you will see the location sharing icon appear next to the battery or focus icon on your iDevice.

Permanent location sharing with Android devices and custom apps

For Android devices it is also possible to use an app (e.g. GPSLogger) to permanently send location information to PaxFlow. You can find a link to send the location from the app to PaxFlow in PaxFlow settings under Display -> Tablet. You just have to replace the placeholders in the link with the version of your gps logging app and replace the third placeholder with the Vehicle number of the resource the device should be representing.

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