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The PaxFlow tablet application - Enroute, is primarily designed for field users who require important tour related information promptly on their devices like the drivers, tour helpers, guides etc.

This application provides all the important information about the tours of the current day to the user in a few pages accessible through minimum clicks. The application is designed on a push model, so any update by the back office reflects immediately in the app.

The application mainly shows the tours planned for the day, list of passengers participating in various tours, their pickup and drop off points. Additionally, it also allows the users to sell additional tours to passengers who are already booked on any of the existing tours.


  • Detailed passenger manifests

  • Detailed tour information

  • Detailed information about the pickup and drop-off points along with the driver details.

  • Live updates from the back end

  • Bookings on the go

Set Up

This is a web application and requires no special set up. Open the application URL in any web browser on the device. Enter your credentials and get started.
โ€‹Please contact the account admin for your account details.

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