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PaxFlow Docs: Page Type and Content
PaxFlow Docs: Page Type and Content
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Page Type

PaxFlow supports multiple types of pages under Handbook. The default page type for creating Handbook pages is Markdown.

PaxFlow provides an easy to user Markdown editor to add content to the pages. Other supported page types include:

  • Plaintext

  • Link

  • HTML

  • Google Documents - Document, Spreadsheet or Form

Page Content

For different page types, different type of content needs to be added to create a page.

For Markdown, plain text or HTML page type - PaxFlow provides an inbuilt editor to add content. It has all the basic features to write a simple page.

In case the page type is a Google document, form or spreadsheet, publish the page to the web. When the document is published, a link to the document is generated. The link looks like this:

The alphanumeric part of the link between /d and /pubhtml is the document ID. In the above link, the document Id is "e/1PACX1-1vRzuw0HsinfeBT3sf4faXuhB-Z9V1x-rwxIYBdihkZMexSyHCNp8h1T-a0B-rwpi4Y29jxWpY8Trwvh".

Provide this ID in the Page content and Save. The content of the google page will be shown in the PaxFlow docs.

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