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View Users

To view the users registered with PaxFlow, go to the Settings and click Users. This page lists all the existing users of the application.

Each record gives the following user details:

  • ID: Unique Identifier of the user

  • Name: Name of the user

  • Email ID: Registered email id of the user

  • Deactivated: Status of the user - active or deactivated. When a user is deactivated, the user cannot login into the system.

  • Groups: List of groups that the user belongs to

  • Actions: Actions that can be taken on the user record like Editing the user record

Create Users

The new user will receive an email to setup a password the account.

When the password has been created, the new user will be able to login.

Edit Users

To modify the properties of the user, select the user and click the Edit button under Actions column.

Following table explains all the user properties. Modify the properties as required and click Save.

  • ID: Unique auto-generated identifier for the user

  • Username: Name of the user

  • Email ID: Email id of the user

  • Deactivated: Status of the user. If deactivated, the user cannot login into the application.

  • Reset Password: Check this field to delete the current password and pin for the user. Reset password will be successful only if a valid email id for the user is provided.

  • Set Pin: Check this field to set a random pin. An email is sent to the user with the pin. Note that if the reset password field is checked, this field does not work.

  • Groups: One or more groups to which the user belongs

  • Sling User ID: Sling Identifier for the user

  • Workplace mapping: Select Workplace user from drop-down

  • Slack User mapping: Select Slack user from drop-down

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