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User groups are logical sets of people, usually with similar roles and responsibilities in the organization. The organization can create as many user groups as required.

View User Groups

To view the existing user groups, go to the Settings and click Users. Go to the Groups tab. The list of groups will be shown.

Each record in the list shows the following fields.

  • ID: Identifier for the group

  • Name: Title of the group

  • Description: Description of the group

  • Actions: Actions which cannot be taken on the group like Edit and Delete. Note that a super admin user group cannot be deleted.

Create User Group

To create a new group, click the New Group button on the top of the list of existing user groups.

Enter name and description of the group and click Save.

Edit User Group

To define the properties of the group, click the Edit button under the Actions column for the group.

Following fields can be modified for each group. Make the required changes and click Save.

  • Name: Name of the group

  • Description: Description of the group

  • Users: List of users belonging to this group

  • Access Rules: Access permissions for the users of the group. To modify the access permissions, allow appropriate feature sets for each group.

Access Rules

For each group, access rules are defined which specify whether a particular feature is allowed or denied to the users of the group. Unless modified, the default access rules apply to each user group. A feature allowed by the default access is allowed for the group and any feature denied by the user group is denied to the users of the group.

The group access rules can, however, be modified. Select the feature set for which the access rules are to be modified. Under each feature set, the list of features is shown along with its default status (allowed/denied). Modify as required and click Save.

If all the features of a feature set are to be allowed, the Allowed toggle button can be enabled.

In the figure shown above, the access rules are specified for Booking filters. The default access defines all the features as Denied. But some permissions are modified for the users of the group and set as Allowed.

Delete User Group

To delete an existing user group, go to the list of groups and click the Delete button of the selected group.

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