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The list of departure groups can be seen under the Departures -> Manage.
Each row in the list shows the name of the group and the number of departures in the group. Click any departure group to see its details.

When you have selected a departure group from the list you get more details about that departure group.

  • Edit group: Title of the departure group

  • Description: Description of the group

  • Tab "Pickup": Combine departures for pickup operation. The departures belonging to the group are shown enabled (in blue).

  • Tab "Drop-off": Combine departures for drop-off operation. The departures belonging to the group are shown enabled (in turquoise).

  • Tab "Everything else": The list of all the existing departures. The departures belonging to the group are shown enabled (in green).

Each departure displays the tour code, departure ID and the name of the product the departure belongs to.

Hovering over a departure in "Everything else" tab enables three dots with the further option to include or exclude all departures of a certain product.

In case departures are added regularly to certain products and they should automatically be added to the departure group can this option be enabled at the bottom of the page.

  • Select the tours below, for which new departures will be added automatically to this group: All the departures belonging to the selected tours will automatically be added to the given departure group as soon as they are created.

  • Allow users to filter throughout PaxFlow for this departure group: If this field is enabled, the given group is shown as a filter criterion throughout the application.

Make changes as required and click Save.
Click the Delete button at the bottom to permanently delete the given departure group.

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