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PaxFlow is set up with an initial access permission configuration referred to as Default Access configuration. This default access configuration defines a set of access permissions to different routes in the application. The default access permission configuration is applicable to -

  • Users not belonging to any group.

  • Groups which choose to use the default permissions for its member users.

Points to Note

1. The Default Access permission set can be modified by the administrator at any time.

2. Initial Default Access configuration is set as per the customer's requirements.

Note: 'Keep' suggests that a group chooses to keep the permissions of the Default Access.

To view or modify the Default Access Permission configuration, go to Access Rules tab and click Change default Access. The following page lists all the features of the application.

Click the + button to see permissions for each category. Check the allowed button to set the permissions for the feature as Allowed.
Expand each feature to see the list of sub functionalities. Use the toggle button to enable selected functionalities as shown below. Set the permissions as required and click Save.

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