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Allow your customers to sign waivers on PaxPortal.

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Waiver Forever is an easy to use online waiver platform, with Waiver Forever you can allow your customers to sign waivers via PaxPortal.

To integrate with Waiver Forever, you first need to signup for both PaxPortal PRO and Waiver Forever. Once that's done, you can get your API key from Waiver Forever - add it to PaxPortal and your customers can start signing!

Where can I find my API key?

Navigate to Account Settings in the top right corner on your Waiver Forever account. Select the Integration tab to create your API key.

Let's get started!

The first step is to open PaxPortal admin page. This is done by navigating to Bókun Appstore and click the open button on PaxPortal.

Click on Default Settings to add your API key, choose Template, Enable and Save.

Waivers are now visible on your PaxPotal and your customers can click "sign waivers" to complete the process.

Once all waivers have been accepted your customers can see a status change on PaxPortal, from "sign waivers" to "signed"

To accept waivers, you need to login to your Waiver Forever account.

Navigate to My Waiver List to accept, download, and add tags and notes for each waiver.

Once the customer has signed a waiver, it's sent to the customers email address listed as PDF.

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