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PaxPortal - Messenger Chat Plugin
PaxPortal - Messenger Chat Plugin

Add messenger chat to your customer portal.

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With the new PaxPortal it's easy to add a Messenger Chat Plugin to allow your customers to contact you directly on PaxPortal via Messenger.

When people visit your customer portal and click on the chat button, it will send them directly into a Messenger conversation to chat with your business.

Note, this feature is only available on PaxPortal PRO subscription.

Set up Chat Plugin from your Facebook Page

  1. Go to your Page's Inbox > Settings > View all Settings

  2. Select Chat Plugin

3. From here you'll see Set up your Chat Plugin,

  • Click Set up and select Standard. From here you can select your language, add your website domain(s), and copy the code to paste on your PaxPortal.

  • You can also customize your Chat Plugin, change the color and alignment of the Chat Plugin to complement your brand.

4. Make sure to add your PaxPortal domain to the list of domains you would like the Chat plugin to appear on.

5. Copy the Embed from Facebook

Paste Embed Code into PaxPortal Admin

Open your PaxPortal admin page and navigate to Customize Site on your left hand side. Scroll down to Chat Client to embed your code, publish and Save.

Now you can see the Messenger Chat icon on your PaxPortal.

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