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Bókun: How to set up a combo departure
Bókun: How to set up a combo departure
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When setting up combo departures, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Naming the combo departure

We call the items of a combo "combo parent" and "combo child" with the parent departure being the one that creates bookings in the child departure and the child departure receives bookings.


When you cancel a tour, you usually trigger the cancellation on the child departure. Most likely you want the parent departures to be automatically cancelled as well if the child departure is cancelled.

Example: If in a "Golden Circle and Puffin Hunting Tour" you have to cancel the Puffin Hunting because no puffins are left from the successful hunt the day before, you might want the whole Combo Tour be cancelled as well. For that, you need to have the parent departure ID ready and then open the settings for the child departure and put in "child-of-{{parent_departure_id}}" as a tag into the child departure (without the quotation marks)

Example: If the parent departure is 10101 and the child departure is 54554, then you put child-of-10101 as a tag into the 54554 departure.

Pickup & Drop-off

If you have a combo parent that consists of multiple items and the pickup / drop-off workflow is A -> B -> C with A being the pickup, B the point where the passengers go from one experience to the next one and C the drop-off is where the passenger is finally being dropped-off again, you need to set up two filters, one for each child departure:

The first child would get a filter to inherit pickup (A) and have B as fixed drop-off

The second child would get a filter to have a fixed pickup of B and inherit drop-off from the parent (C)

Tour configuration

Combo parent departures are the ones shown to the customer, they should:

  • Be manageable in the customer portal

  • Have a proper tour title

Combo child departures are the ones used for operations, they should:

  • Be connected to Red Folder documents

  • Have a shift system API location ID

  • Be shown in the passenger list

  • Be shown on dashboards

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