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With help of variables it is possible to create email templates which pull information from different parts of PaxFlow.

To add an variable to a template put it into braces {variable}.

It's possible to apply some basic html formatting:

<b>bold</b> = makes the word appear bold.

<em>emphasis</em> = makes a word appear in italics.

It's also possible to add links to words:

<a href=https:://>Google Maps</a>

  • adds a link to the words "Google Maps"

And it's even possible to do all of that together:

<a href=https:://{pickup_place_gps_lat}%2C{pickup_place_gps_lon}><b>{pickup_place_title}</b></a>

  • adds a link with a search request in Google Maps for for the coordinates of the pickup location to the pickup location which is bold.

To add a link to the PaxPortal of a booking the variables {customer_portal_login_start} and {customer_portal_login_end} can be used.

Some useful variables:









{customer_portal_login_start}our customer portal{customer_portal_login_end}





More variables for bookings can be found by looking up activities in the Booking filter UI.



{tour_vendor_title} - Pickup for your {tour_title} is about to start now!


Dear {customer_name},

we will be coming and collecting you from {pickup_place_title} between {fleet_pickup.assistance_start} and {fleet_pickup.assistance_end}. Please wait <a href={pickup_place_gps_lat}%2C{pickup_place_gps_lon}>there</a> from {departure_time} and look for a {fleet_pickup.bus_description} with the number plate {fleet_pickup.bus_license_plate}. Your pickup driver's name is {fleet_pickup.driver_first_name} {fleet_pickup.driver_last_name}.

In case you need further information about your booking please visit {customer_portal_login_start}our customer portal{customer_portal_login_end}.

In case we will not be able to find you we will try to contact you by text and call at {customer_phone} and send an email to {customer_email}. Please monitor these channels carefully.

In case of last minute changes from your side please call us at +1234567890 immediately. Thank you!

Have a lovely day!

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