Bókun: Pickup place formatting recommendations

Pick-up places in Bókun can be of any type and can have any labels.

They should have an address and geo-location entered (dragging the pin to the actual location on the map) to be visible on the pick-up map in PaxFlow. 

Regular pick-up places

Name, Address

If the name of an accommodation is separated from the address by a comma then PaxFlow logs the part before the comma as "accommodation":

Bernhards Hotel, 56th Street North

On the backoffice Passenger list would this show up as "Bernhards Hotel" and when hovering the mouse over it an info-tag would appear with the full name of the pick-up place.

On the enroute Pickup and Drop-off lists would the full name with address show up as well so that the driver knows where the location should be.

On the enroute Passenger list however would only be the accommodation name be displayed so that the guide in case of a request or emergency would know which hotel to inform.

Redirected pick-up places 

Name [(Address) if relevant], pick up at Name 2, Address

Eros Hotel Center (54th Street), pick up at Bernhards Hotel, 56th Street North

City regulated pick-up spots 

Tour Bus Stop X, Name [- possibly translated Name] (Address)

Tour Bus Stop 5, City Hall (23 Abroadway)

Eros Hotel Center (36th Street South), pick up at Tour Bus Stop 5, City Hall (23 Abroadway)

Meeting points

In case bookings without a pickup location are allowed in the tour setup of your back end booking system then do these bookings a "missing" in the pickup location field. We do recommend to overwrite this using Activity filters. For single meeting points do we recommend a "Name, Address" combination, in case several meeting points do apply to the activity do we recommend a general wording like "Meeting Point".