Bókun: Supported setup features and recommendations

How to set up your Bókun account for PaxFlow to work with it:

  • PaxFlow can only handle Experiences. No transport, car rental or accommodation bookings.
  • PaxFlow can't handle customized bookings, flexible departures are no problem though.
  • We highly recommend the usage of tour codes. They should not extend 6 digits or letters and they should be unique for each product. That helps a lot with the UX inside PaxFlow since tour codes are used a lot
  • PaxFlow can only see published products.
  • PaxFlow cannot show bookings that have been on a departure or tour that has been deleted or unpublished. We highly recommend to never delete or unpublish tours or departures after the first setup.
  • Combo tours with pickup / dropoff need due to limitations in Bókun extra setup inside PaxFlow, please contact us for details if you encounter this problem.
  • Availability type "pass" is not supported by PaxFlow.

How to connect your Bókun account to PaxFlow:

  • Booking channels
    • You should set up either one booking channel or up to 5 (one each for the api, office, tv, tablet, customer portal PaxFlow instances)
    • The main difference is if you want to distinguish inside Bókun where in PaxFlow a new booking or a change to a booking is coming from
  • API keys
    • Same as for booking channels: You can either have one key for all PaxFlow modules or different ones.
    • If you have 5 booking channels, you need 5 API keys, one associated with each booking channel.
  • Hooks
    • Bókun: Config (gear icon) -> Integrated systems
    • Add a new integration of the type "HTTP booking notification"
    • Put in URL & Query parameters as given by us
    • Check all three boxes (Notify on booking created, updated, cancelled)