HelpScout: Integration Guide


HelpScout integration enables PaxFlow application to use a shared mailbox to  track bookings, customer conversations, send custom emails. You can also filter and assign emails, annotate requests, track history and previous conversations, create and assign custom tags, and define conversation statuses, generate reports using HelpScout application. 


  • HelpScout account for the PaxFlow administrator

Following settings are required in PaxFlow application and the HelpScout  application for their integration.

Sync Email

Receiving emails into HelpScout

To receive emails into HelpScout application, set up a new mailbox in HelpScout and forward mails from your email client or server to send all of your email into the Help Scout Mailbox. Go to Manage tab in HelpScout app and click Mailboxes. Go to the Connection Settings for the new mailbox. Follow the verification steps and set up the Receiving emails field. Follow this guide for step by step instructions.  

Receive emails

Sending emails through HelpScout

You can configure PaxFlow application to send emails through the HelpScout application. Do the following settings to set it up. Go to the HelpScout application, click on the user icon on the top right corner of the page and click on Your Profile

Click on My Apps and create a new app. 

Enter a custom name for the application.

On the PaxFlow application, go to General tab under Settings. Click on External Systems and choose HelpScout. Copy the Callback URL from the PaxFlow App setting and add it in HelpScout as Redirection URL

Click Create

An App Id and App Secret will be generated on creating the app. Copy the Id and secret back into PaxFlow HelpScout settings.

This will establish a connection between HelpScout and PaxFlow application and will enable sending emails through the HelpScout application. 

Customize Email Sidebar

The emails are referred to as conversations in HelpScout. You can customize the sidebar of a conversation in the HelpScout application to see related information. By default, the sidebar of a conversation always shows the customer profile at the top and the previous conversations with the customer. 

To display custom information from PaxFlow application in the sidebar like customer history, previous trips, etc, you can create custom Dynamic apps in HelpScout application. HelpScout needs an endpoint which will be invoked whenever the conversation is loaded. The end point should provide the required information to be shown in the sidebar of the application.  

Go to HelpScout application and click on Manage. Go to Apps and create a new custom app

Click Create App button on the left panel.

Create a dynamic app and enter the following details.

The Callback URL and Secret Key should be copied from the PaxFlow settings as shown below. Select the mailboxes in which this sidebar should be active and click Save.

The following figure shows a conversation with a custom sidebar with details from PaxFlow application. 

Refer this documentation for more details on custom Dynamic and Static apps for the sidebar. 

Mailbox Settings

Mailbox Slug 

Once the HelpScout mailbox is set up as explained above, copy the slug for the mailbox which should be used to send emails from PaxFlow UI.

The slug is the letter-and-digit-combination that's in the URL when you open the mailbox in the HelpScout web interface. 

For example, for a given mailbox URL in HelpScout, , 286c979e7163f899 is the slug. 

Go to HelpScout settings under PaxFlow General settings. Under Mailboxes, enter this slug.

Mailbox ID

Enter the mailbox ID for each mailbox from the HelpScout application to the PaxFlow settings. Go to Manage and click Mailboxes in the HelpScout application. Select a mailbox. The URL will indicate the ID for the mailbox. For example, for the mailbox shown in the figure below, mailbox ID is 195668.

Enter this ID in the settings in the PaxFlow application. Save the changes.

Refer HelpScout documentation for more details on customization of the mailboxes and conversations and other useful features.   

User Login

Please note that PaxFlow using OAuth protocol to authorize the user with HelpScout application. For initial login, when you use a feature in PaxFlow application that requires the HelpScout connection and your account is not logged in with yet, you will be forwarded to HelpScout to authorize PaxFlow to use your HelpScout account.

In case the user connection expires at any time or needs to be changed, click on the user name on the top right corner of the page and click Reset HelpScout.